Knee Injuries

It is important to ask the following after a knee injury;

  • How the injury occurred
  • The amount of pain and disability at the time of injury
  • The presence and timing of onset of swelling

The most important step in taking the history is to invite the player tell their own story of the injury.

A description of the precise mechanism of injury and the subsequent symptoms, for example, pain and giving way, are also useful.

Demonstration by the patient if possible, on the uninjured knee, of the stress applied at the time of injury can also be helpful.

Severity of pain: This does not always correlate with the severity of the injury, although most Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries are usually immediately painful

The degree and time of onset of swelling is an important diagnostic clue. When a hemarthrosis (blood in the joint) is present, the swelling is usually considerable and develops within one or two hours following the injury.