Facial Injuries

Zygomatic Fracture (Cheek Bone)

  • Pain, swelling and bruising around and inside the eye.
  • The eye may be very swollen and difficult to open.
  • It is critical to open the eyelids to be certain the player can see
  • If unable to see this is an emergency and the player should be brought immediately to hospital. 
  • If a fracture is suspected the player must be removed from the pitch and brought to hospital.
  • Impact leading to a cheek bone fracture can lead to concussion


Orbital Fracture (Eye Socket)

  • This fracture is from a blow to the eye or eye socket and results in a fracture of the floor of the eye socket.
  • The player may not be aware of the fracture and it only comes to light at the end of the game when the player  blows his/her nose in the shower resulting in eyelid swelling and air around the eyelids.
  • The air has a crackling feeling.
  • The eyesight must be checked in the affected eye
  • The player should be brought to hospital .