Top Tips for Your Daily Meal Plan

Avoid drinking too much coffee or tea during the day.

High fibre cereals are better for you.

Why not try mashed banana on toast for breakfast or as a snack?

Have a water bottle with you in school and drink regularly to make sure you are well hydrated.

Make sure you’ve had a good lunch and are well hydrated before sport.

Don’t eat anything for 30 minutes before exercise and water is best tolerated up to 15 minutes before sport.

Replace the fluid you lose through sweating during training – your body absorbs isotonic drinks and water more easily than other fluids.

Isotonic sports drinks are advised if training lasts longer than 60 minutes.

Make sure you have a nutritious snack after training. Don’t forget to replace fluids after exercise.

Have some soup and bread before your main meal or between meals if you are extra hungry.

Remember to have a nutritious bed time snack, especially on training days.

Make sure you get enough sleep for good recovery.