Epilepsy affects about 1 in 200 young people and is due to an abnormal electrical activity in the brain.

Additionally, seizures may occur following a severe concussion or a fainting episode.

It is alarming for a player to have a seizure but thankfully the great majority last for only one or two minutes.

The great majority of young people who are on medication for epilepsy will have no further seizures and can partake fully in sport.

Management of a seizure

  • The player with a seizure must be protected from injury so the game should be stopped.
  • Place the player on their side.
  • Do not attempt to put anything in the player’s mouth as you may damage teeth and induce vomiting.
  • Do not physically restrain the player.
  • Call for medical help.


For information, advice and support call Epilepsy Ireland on 01 455 7500 and visit www.epilepsy.ie