If a Tooth is Knocked Out

Keep any tooth that has been knocked out as it can sometimes be replanted successfully.

The likelihood of successful reimplantation depends on the length of time the tooth has been out of it’s socket and the degree to which the peridontal membrane has dried out.

Do not touch the root of the tooth. Instead hold it by the crown (white part) then briefly (for 10 seconds approximately) wash the tooth in milk, saline or cold running water if dirty.

An adult tooth can be replanted but not a baby tooth.

Replant an adult tooth by using the teeth on either side to guide positioning. Once it is in place bite on a clean hankerchief to keep the tooth in place until the denisit splints it.

If the tooth cannot be replanted during the journey to the dentist, the tooth should be kept moist in cold milk, under the tongue or in a saliva-soaked handkerchief.